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Here at we help golfers, and now all sorts of people immortalise their favourite occasions and memories. Maybe you had a great shot that you want to always remember or just want to give a very unique gift.

Our name basically is a result of embedding objects into glassware. Using our special technique we then simply put the object inn-it! and with that the name was born.

Made in the UK by glassware professionals. Our timeless pieces act as the perfect golf gift, fishing gift, poker gift and for all the lovers of the sport in your life. A fun keepsake you can treasure forever and show of some of your fondest moments.


Follow all your favourite sports live on On Flashscore Live Scores homepage you can find all the week's golf events with golfer's scores all tracked in real-time.


In association with Golf Tips Checker we present the Premier Golf Podcast hosted by Craig @ThomsonGolf94 with close to 20 professional players coming on to share their story! Pro player interviews, terrible chat & breaking news stories come listen in!


Golf Last Man Standing is home to the most exciting game in golf. They’ve given away over £80,000 since they began and they’re expecting a record prize pot for The Masters!

They offer you the chance to win thousands off a £10 entry fee and it’s simple to get involved.

All you need to do is...


2)Pick 3 golfers with combined odds of 150/1+

3)Pay your £10 entry fee



Looking for brand or business exposure?

  • You could sponsor one of our 'most tipped' player charts.

  • We offer tailor-made packages to suit every budget.

  • Sponsored Tweets on demand. With links direct to your socials/website.

  • Discount on multiple-week packages.

Use the contact form below or hit us up on X/Twitter for more information.


Why Sponsor?
Are you in the Golf industry and want to expose your site/socials/products to like-minded golf fans?
Golf Tips Checkers offers free weekly most tipped player charts via our X/Twitter channel. These charts are widely consumed by our huge diverse following. By sponsoring one of these charts you can expose your business to the golf community and people who are most likely to engage with you and your product.

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