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Tom Ford's golf betting tips: Ryder Cup preview and bets 2023

Ryder Cup 2023

Tom Ford's Ryder Cup Golf Tips

  • Day 1 Foursomes Winner – Europe 6/4

  • Sepp Straka Over 1 point - 11/10 & Sepp Straka Top Rookie 16/5

  • Jordan Speith Top USA Pts scorer 11/1

  • Tyrell Hatton Top EU Pts Scorer 8/1

  • Day 1 to Finish 2.5 – 1.5 in both sessions 40/1

  • Europe 16 – 12 – 14/1

  • Match ups Treble 4/1 Aberg>Clark Harman>Macintyre Rahm>Sheffler

One of the greatest weeks in the sporting calendar is upon us, and what a prospect this sets up to be for everyone watching. If you’ve read my previews throughout the year you’ll know that I try and provide some different takes to your regular event previews as well as bringing the data that you all need to have more insight in where to win some extra coin, as well as enjoying the action. Feel free to interact with me, let me know your thoughts and plays and of course if you are American; enjoy the European battering… again.

Will Rome feel like Home?

So over to Rome, and the Ryder Cup 2023 edition, if you didn’t know already it will be played at the Marco Simone Country Club, a glorious resort in a very picturesque country backdrop. Resort however being the principal word in that much like Whistling Straits, Le Golf Nationale and probably the last 20 years; Marco Simone is really about the amphitheatre and making this one of the most watchable weekends in sport let alone golf. With that, not only comes how you set up the event but also the European Team will be allowed to play around with how the course is set up and what they believe their strengths will be to winning back the Ryder Cup. This will be important when looking at the types of players and types of scores we are likely to see this weekend.

It's obvious straight away that Europe has decided to make this week tough, punishing and all about accuracy and I think it’s a good ploy. After the Accuracy of Morikawa, Cantlay and Harman off the tee, Europe has the next 6 in terms of Accuracy with the big stick. I expect Europe’s pairings certainly on Friday will all be about finding those scoring positions on the fairways and staying well away from the thick rough.

This is certainly not a bombers' course even though it can play near enough 7,300 yards if Europe want to set it up that way. But with the thin air, warm climate and the elevation changes, most 2nd shots will be meat and drink for an elite player on their day here. We won’t be short of birdies and big birds either, with the Par 5’s gettable in 2 and some lovely idyllic shorter Par 3’s that will be technical rather than about brut power. Europe can change the tee boxes which will definitely be an impact across the weekend and I believe there will be a huge edge with both native Molinari’s being there as Vice captains and previous winners at Marco Simone in rookie’s Bob Macintyre and Nicolai Hojgaard.

Once we get from Tee to Green, I’m absolutely sure that the Ryder Cup will be won or lost on these Bentgrass Greens. They are absolutely pure from the video footage and we are sure to see the best putters rise to the top; the place will be roaring from the length of putts we are likely to see rolled in. That’s not to say you haven’t got to be in the right position with approach however, the technicality of being on the right side of the hole or in this case, the right tier of the green will be paramount. 75% of the greens have two tiers and there are big back to front, side to side slopes. Controlling the golf ball with wedges, and stopping the ball with long irons will all be skill sets needed to get on top of your opponents. 

Where will it be won?

Tactics and the best numbers guys I believe will be where the Ryder Cup will be won this year. There is no doubt the American’s have higher ranked players and are coming off the biggest of highs from Whilstling Straits 2 years ago. However, there are plenty of players here that are not in great form and plenty of experience that will rise to the occasion of the week. Predicting which team will do what and knowing who will suit foursomes better than fourballs and even which pairings will mould and dovetail together will be what makes the difference for me. I think you could throw a blanket over all 24 players playing this course over 4 rounds and the teams would be hard to choose from, but when its Matchplay and you’ve got 11 teammates to play for and one guy saving your ass when you may play a bad hole, it’s a completely different ball game, excuse the pun.

My point here is that Foursomes on Friday I think is really predictable for Europe and we can also forecast how it may all begin. I think they know that the Americans are sending out Cantlay/Xander and Speith/Thomas. I think they probably also know that they are setting up for Morikawa/Homa and Sheffler/Burns pairings on Friday and I think that plays into Europe’s hands. Yes of course Luke Donald would have already pencilled in where the rookies might be playing and with who but I think they have a better chance of counteracting USA’s strongest match ups and who to target them with.

In 1983, the USA team were going to their 14th Ryder Cup victory in a row when Tony Jacklin stunned Jack Nicklaus with sending out his 3 best players in the singles matches, something no one had done before, USA went on to win by a point but what Jacklin did that day has set a precedent for unpredictability and making Europe with the mixture of nations and the mix of set ups become so difficult for a travelling American team to conquer them, it smacks cohesion and this group will have it. When USA won at the Belfry in 1993, they would have never of known that they wouldn’t win again in Europe for 30 years but for sure this will be the best chance the American’s have got in all that time and it sets up to be one of the closest Ryder Cups we’ve seen since Medinah 11 years ago.

Things to look out for this week…

Something different for a preview, got a few short sharps things to watch out for aside of course from Paul McGinley talking about ‘momentum’, a Niall Horan sighting and Moliwood being sung here are a few things to expect and to watch out for.

Vice captains following a group each, this has been a given in the past 10 years, you’ll see an old Ryder Cup player or captain following a group around, reporting back to Donald and ZJ and they’ll be crouch down in the rough on a hill with their oblatory oversized microphone kit.

Spectators looking for balls, this year the rough is so penal that there was talk of players on their warm up week a few weeks ago losing up to 6/7 balls a round. I expect some pandemonium if a ball is lost this week, I don’t think we necessarily will but you are bound to see spectators pointing and where they think balls have plugged in the thick rough.

Brooks Koepka’s partner. (Not his actual Mrs) Much speculation has been about the only LIV tour player to make the Ryder Cup this year but for me if Brooks was still on the PGA Tour he’d be number 2 in the world and surely has to play at least 3 sessions at the weekend, but who do you partner him with is the big question.

Rookies will give the edge; as we’ve seen in the past, the rookie that stands and delivers when he’s not expected to will give their team a huge advantage going into the singles on Sunday. Not only for confidence but the likes of Aberg, Straka, Clark and Harman, what those players have done this year has been outstanding, if they can bring that game to the Ryder Cup stage it will make the biggest impact.

Last but not least, well you could say least. The English media absolutely love controversy, so expect the unexpected, we are bound to see some tripe make up a rumour during the week or produce some absolute top quality journalism that the Daily Mail would be proud of, look out for that story that will be a non story.

Golf Tips Checker Packages

Player Records


Rory Mcilroy 12 – 12 – 4

Leader of men, Rory will be looking to put his stamp on the week in more ways than one. Expect fist pumps, roars and darts being thrown. We know what quality he has off the tee, I hope he tries to drive greens and shows why we all love him.

Jon Rahm 4 – 3 – 1

Enough experience now to go toe to toe with anyone, what a match up against Sheffler it would be if we saw that. I believe you can pair Jon with anyone and he could be someone we see in every session.

Viktor Hovland 0 – 3 – 2

Bad Ryder Cup record, and goes on record and says he doesn’t like this course. However probably the most in form guy out of everyone on site, what a way this would be to finish his season.

Matt Fitzpatrick 0 – 5 – 0

Never won a Ryder cup match, but comes to this edition a completely different player. I believe Matt may win two matches this year and will go under the radar even though he is a major winner now. Elite ball striker, pair him with Rose, Hatton, Hovland and we’ll see the best of him.

Tyrrell Hatton 2 – 4 – 1

One of Europe’s secret weapons, pair him with someone who will channel his temperament like Fleetwood and we will see the best of him, no doubting the passion he will bring to the team.

Tommy Fleetwood 4 – 2 – 2

Tommy has the game to not lose a match, it depends on the faith Donald has to send him out when the chips are down. When his putter is hot, he’s unplayable, be excited to see his partners now Molinari is behind the mic.

Shane Lowry 1 – 2 – 0

Shane will bring the feel good factor and will be one of the best teammates to have alongside you. Europe is all about Cohesion and a all Irish pairing of him and Rory would make excellent viewing.

Justin Rose 13 – 8 – 2

Experience doesn’t have to be mentioned but he will offer the Rookies guidance to go and thrive, not sure how often he’ll play but maybe will go out late on Friday and get the crowd going.

Bob Macintyre (Rookie)

His inclusion was a late one with good DP World tour performances but he offers someone steadiness in a pairing and reliability, again not sure how many sessions Donald will give him, maybe one.

Ludvig Aberg (Rookie)

The real deal, we are about to see greatness but Donald will have him wrapped in cotton wool, probably goes out with Rory, hope the occasion doesn’t get the better of him.

Sepp Straka (Rookie)

Superb accuracy, one of Donalds picks for that reason, will be a great pairing for someone who wants to maybe attack the course a bit more, will need to perform in both sessions he gets.

Nicolai Hojgaard (Rookie)

I still think he has made it here 2 years too early, he’s a little bit naïve like his brother however there is no doubting the talent and he has won on this course, will get fourballs session on Saturday afternoon.


Scottie Sheffler 2 – 0 – 1

The most amazing tee to green stats, even compared to Tiger this year, no doubt he’ll play in 3 or 4 sessions minimum. Putting may let him down. Formidable Foursomes player.

Patrick Cantlay 3 – 0 - 1

Great driver of the ball, will be at home next to his mate Xander and they are a great pairing, the crowd will be on him for his slow play, only negative.

Xander Shauffele 3 – 1 – 0

As above, will play 3 sessions with his mate Patty Ice minimum. Look out for his eagle chances, one of the best Par 5 players on tour and we know what he did vs Rory 2 years ago.

Brooks Koepka 6 – 5 – 1

As mentioned earlier, if I was Zach Johnson, I’d send this guy out in every session, the question is who would he gel with the best, I’m not sure.

Jordan Speith 8 – 7 - 3

Slight red flag with Jordan’s driving and tinkering around, but if there is a course that would suit an American best its him. Technically the best on his team and like Fleetwood, a hot putter and he becomes unplayable.

Collin Morikawa 3 – 0 – 1

Shown glipses of form back end of the season and keeps the ball in play more than anyone, dangerous if he gets going, my thought is Max homa may bring the best out of him.

Rickie Fowler 3 – 7 – 5

Plenty of experience and what a comeback year he has delivered. Won’t be surprised to see him alongside Jordan Speith or Wyndam Clark who he is very tight with.

Justin Thomas 6 – 2 - 1

Biggest controversy for USA team, looks shot to bits, European team and crowd will be looking to get on top of him early, his participation will depend on whether him and Speith win Friday morning or not.

Brian Harman (Rookie)

Now a major winner and actually a very dangerous player. He won’t go away, he’ll be fairway/green in reg more than many, will be interesting to see his pairing.

Max Homa (Rookie)

Turns the ball both ways well, and is great off the tee, I can see Marco Simone being a good set up for him, my thought is ZJ won’t play him very much.

Sam Burns (Rookie)

Won the matchplay this year so will be someone Europe will be worried about considering he is a rookie. I can see why he has been picked and I’m sure he’ll get to pair with his mate Scottie.

Wyndam Clark (Rookie)

US Open winner, can not only be a future Ryder Cup player, but could be one of the great storys of the game, I’m afraid he may talk himself into a battering ram, maybe too much belief.

My Ryder Cup Tips and Plays

Day 1 Foursomes Winner – Europe 6/4

I think the USA team is predictable on Friday morning Cantlay/Xander may be formidable but Europe can make hay of a poor Justin Thomas and a rookie in Sam Burns who look likely, Donald has made his stance switching the format, crowd will also be a big factor.

Sepp Straka Over 1 point - 11/10 & Sepp Straka Top Rookie 16/5

Based on Straka playing with someone like Hatton/Lowry at least once, I think he has a great chance of becoming the first rookie to get a point and if he does, he will have two more chances to land this value bet.

Jordan Speith Top USA Pts scorer 11/1

A fit and firing Jordan may get 3 sessions and a chance of 4 points, I think 11/1 for a player that has that many opportunities is outstanding value especially if he gets paired with Fowler.

Tyrell Hatton Top EU Pts Scorer 8/1

In outstanding form, and is a momentum player. No idea where he plays on Friday but he is the type to be banging Donalds door down to play in every session possible.

Day 1 to Finish 2.5 – 1.5 in both sessions 40/1

Biggest match winning margin 6-4 – 10/3

Match ups Treble 4/1




Europe 16 – 12 – 14/1

Well thank you all for reading, I hope you all come up with your own great little bets for the weekend with some of these insights, its sure to be a great spectacle either way.

Be sure to keep an eye on my twitter (X) as of course when the Day 1 pairings are released I will have all my thoughts and tips posted on their.

Keep interacting and enjoy a great week.

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